How to manage your infrastructure asset?

If you infrastructure is not managed properly,what you will do when you need to find out an server details.Oh Crap,you need to run into your file server and try to get out the details.When you get the details after some times.You find the details is wrong.Why the heck!the issues starts with documentation.

Documentation and data is really important in all environment.So better ask you colleague to document properly,here is a deal.You need to get the details in excel or any other format. Why not a centralized system,where you can save the infra details.I came with open source solution i-doit system This guys providing both opensource and enterprise edition.

I’ve installed the opensource edition in Ubuntu 12.04 So how to do that,that’s simple.It takes all configuration in approximately less than 30 minutes.

1.Install your ubuntu box in physical or virtual box.

2.apt – get update

3.apt – get install apache2 libapache2 -mod – php5 php5 php5 – cli  php5 – xmlrpc php5 – ldap php5 -gd php5 – mysql mysql – server php5 – curl libphp – pclzip unzip (It will ask you provide the IP address of your MYSQL server root user password)

4.mkdir / var / www /i- doit / var / www /i- doit


7. unzip


./ idoit – rights .sh set

9.In Browser, http://your-ip-address/i- doit

By default user and passwd will be Userid:admin Passwd:admin

(I strongly recommend for automatic installation,ignore manual installation)

10.Provide your MYSQL Server user passwd,i-doit user passwd,Organization,Click Next.

11.Next you need to provide the i-doit user passwd.

12.It will verify the MYSQL Connection and Dependency files. In your sql to speed up the search operation ,you need to alter the value of SQL connection limit.By default the configuration can be change in the following file my.cnf In my case /etc/mysql/my.cnf search for file location

query_cache_limit = 4M
max_allowed_packet = 32M

That’s it installation done. Now it is time to update the version of i-doit to v1.8

That too simple,Go to sourceforge website copy the link /var/www/i-doit

14. wget


16.It will prompt an updation process,You either allow one by one or you can give it as “A”.it will automatically update the file.

17.Oh wait!!We need to update in file level to get effect.

18.So go to http://your-ip-address/i- doit,Click on update right update or load the link (

19.Follow the process,since we are update the modules,we need to take the backup of the MYSQL settings.So we need to take the backup of configuration files.Follow the instructions thats it, you have centralized system for asset. asset-lifecycle2



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