How to restore your vCenter during the diaster

I’ve read few blogs on vCenter immigration issue and vCenter fail to run as excepted.The one simple solution will be take regular clone on VM or using backup software we can take vCenter VM the backup.

If you have datastore crunch and no backup software,You can’t perform vCenter backup during that situation you can simply take regular back of vCenter database,SSO,SSL and inventory.Few blogger have already expose how to take a backup for those.Lemme going to refer few KB and automation script(you can find the script available in VMware automation script book)

vCenter Appliance:


Source: KB 2034505

1.Login to vCenter Appliance

2.Make sure that you are stopping the vcenter agent

service vmware-vpxd stop

3.navigate to the vPostgres utility directory using this command:
cd /opt/vmware/vpostgres/1.0/bin

4.To back up the vCenter Server database, run this command:
./pg_dump EMB_DB_INSTANCE -U EMB_DB_USER -Fp -c > VCDBBackupFile

5.To display the vPostgres database configuration file, run this command:
cat /etc/vmware-vpx/embedded_db.cfg

Fill in the EMD_DB_INSTANCE and EMB_DB_USER from the embedded_db.cfg configuration information listed in Step 5. Fill in the VCDBBackupFile with the location and file name to generated, for example:

./pg_dump VCDB -U vc -Fp -c > /tmp/VCDBackUp

6.copy the files to your safe location and start vpx service
service vmware-vpxd start

vCenter installed in Windows

Please refer the KB 2034928 (5.1) and KB 2057353 (5.5) for SSO,KB 2012138 for vCenter DB

For PSC Controller,Refer KB 2110294

In Case of Inventory DB,


Refer : KB 2012138

For Windows based vCenter

VMware already have predefinied script in your vCenter installation folder.Please refer VMware Pubs doc link

Credits:Google Images


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