How to clone a VM without a vCenter using vSphere Client

Recently I’ve work for the customer,where the customer have two esxi host without vCenter in the depolyment phase.We have initially install the esxi host with Dell customized OS using Dell Lifecycle controller.I’ll post more information on Dell Lifecycle controller in next post.

With help from Datacenter team,i tried to manage install the Windows VM using OEM Windows Server CD disc.Due to urgent basics I need to deploy another Windows VM.I’m puzzle how to clone a VM without the vCenter.Then I tried to experiment with vmkfstools command in the CLI.

vmkfstools -i represent the take a identical copy vmdk

vmkfstools -i “/vmfs/volumes/Datastore/newvm/newvm.vmdk” “/vmfs/volumes/Datastore 2/vcvm.vmdk” -d thin

After the disk get cloned,Launch the vSphere Client – Create the new VM – Remove the existing VM disk and added the clone disk by browsing the datastore.

VM is power-on and generate the new SID to avoid SID related issues.

Happy Sharing !!


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