VMware SRM Repair Connection Stuck at 30 %

VMware SRM 5.5 1623101

Today,I’ve noticed the SRM vCenter service got stopped.When started the service it started as normal,I found the abnormality in the SRM connection pair.

1.When I tried to connect the SRM using the SRM plugin,I found the sites state as unknown.

SRM blog
2.Try to repair the connection
3.Failed to repair the connection at 30 %
4.Following the Error 78700 in SRM logs and Site is not connected

2016-05-30T15:03:39.423+05:30 [78700 error ‘HttpSvc.HTTPService’] Failed to read request; stream: <io_obj p:0x0000000006a153e8, h:-1, <TCP ‘’>, <TCP ‘’>>, error: class Vmacore::TimeoutException(Operation timed out)

5.Restarted the SRM services but no luck

6.I have restarted the vcenter services in the pair sites of the vcenter.SSL thumbprint registry got updated.

SRM Version : 5.5


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