How to add VM to vCD after removed from inventory

I recently faced any issue with VM which resides on the vCD end of support.

When I reboot the host,VM went to invalid state due some connectivity issue between host and vCenter.Tried restart the vpxa and hostd no luck.Tried to reconnect the vcenter from vCD and tried to power completely (Partial Power off).Since it past 30 minutes and critical I raise the case with VMware but no luck due to end of support.I tried to unregister and register the VM to inventory (DON’T DO IT) end up with an error.

I asked VMware support if I create a VM shell and mount the existing vHDD to VM created from vcenter.He said we can but can’t be manage from vCD.

Actually we have alternate option,create a empty VM with same config from vCD.Attach those existing vHDD to new VM and remove existing disk.Once you have power on VM will get the existing NIC information.

Try to do at your own risk


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