Here coverage of Shell commands the next section of the shell commands available in the ESXi.Those who missed the part 1 series of the list of the shell commands link

networking utility for reading from and writing to network connections using TCP or UDP.


net-cdp module implements for advertiser/listener for the Cisco Discovery Protocol.

net-dvs  Helps in configuring the distributed switch and for troubleshooting.

net-lacp Helps in configuring and troubleshooting the LACP.

net-lbt utility for the Load-Based Teaming.

net-stats Utility helps in get the complete network statistics for the vswitch,vnic and scsi device.

VMXNET3 RX Ring Buffer Exhaustion and Packet Loss

netdbg utility use for the debugging purpose.


nfcd I’m not pretty sure about the service.But this service i belive this use in the opening the vMotion change and verify the memory corruption during the migration.


This daemon is used to get the pnic state by sending magic response and magic arp to network.log location mostly available in /var/run/vmware/ location,it is VMware internal purpose.

nohup hangup (signal, which is normally sent to a process to inform it that the user has logged off  is intercepted by nohup


nologin displays a message that an account is not available and exits non-zero. It is intended as a replacement shell field to deny login access to an account.

nslookup NSLOOKUP is a service to look up information in the DNS

ntfscat print NTFS files and streams on the standard output

ntp-keygen generate public and private keys

ntpd System daemon which sets and maintains the system time of day in synchronism with Internet standard time servers

ntpq ntpq utility program is used to monitor NTP daemon

od program for displaying data in various human-readable output formats

Openssl OpenSSL can be used for creating certificate requests and also as a certificate authority.

Openwsman is a project intended to provide an open-source implementation of the Web Services Management specification (WS-Management) and to expose system management information on the Linux operating system using the WS-Management protocol


This module maintains a count of attempted accesses, can reset count on success, can deny access if too many attempts fail.

partedUtil command line utility to directly manipulate partition tables for local and remote SAN disks on ESXi and ESX


passwd To change the password to user.

pcscd pcscd daemon is used to manage connections to PC and SC smart card (formally PCMCIA) readers.

pgrep looks through the currently running processes and lists the process IDs which matches the selection criteria to stdout.


Pidof  Pidof finds the process id’s (pids) of the named program

Pigz Pigz is a parallel gzip implementation.

ping utility used to test the reachability of a host used for IPV4 addressing.

Ping6 similar to ping but used for the IPV6 addressing.

pkill simliar to kill command.
Usage reference:

pktcap-uw pktcap-uw utility to inspect the contents of packets while they traverse the network stack on an ESXi host


Python script to poweroff all vm running in the host which has vmware tools running state.(Carefull using of command in production)

poweroff  Poweroff the ESXi host.

printf  Print the value after printf command.

prop_of_instances Used in CIM for pull information.

ps utility for gather ESXi process information.

pwqcheck program checks passphrase quality

Python lib files according to version which contains the python lib path.

randomSeed Helps to get the random values.

Readlink print value of a symbolic link or canonical file name

reboot Helps in the rebooting the host.

remoteDeviceConnect Utility helps to mount the removal media to host.

reset utliity to reset the terminal.

resize binary file to resize the files(Try to get the actual usage)

rhttpproxy Utility in reverse http proxy service.

rm remove the file.

rmdir remove the directory.

runInRP Script to run a userworld application within its own resource pool.

sched-stats reads the stats data from vmkernel
Example usage: sched-stats -t numa-global

schedsnapshot Snapshot vmkernel scheduler statistics and/or traces
Usage Reference :
positional arguments:
ssdir Directory to store the snapshot
time Collection duration in seconds

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
–novsi Skip VSI cache collection (collect a subset of sched-stats)
–notrace Skip schedtrace collection
–nozip Skip compressing the output file
–noreset No sched-stats reset
–novmkstats Skip collecting vmkstats

Syntax : schedsnapshot –notrace /tmp 5

scp : SCP utility that is used to copy files to or from an ESX host

sdrsInjector tool helps build device model of a datastore in order to enable Storage DRS initial placement and load balancing decisions

Utility used by host to verify the grant/deny permission for individual modules.


sed  utility that parses and transforms text, using a simple, compact programming language

sensord Utility to monitor the hardware components.
[root@localhost:/bin] sensord -v
Machine has 2 core(s) and 2 logical processor(s)
In vsi: power = 0W, cap = 0W, min = 0W

seq  utility for generating a sequence of numbers
restart the services in /etc/init.d/

creates a new session if the calling process is not a process group leader.

sfcbd Monitoring hardware services which works with CIM.
Reference troubleshooting when not works;

sh it provides the terminal or shell.

Checksum utility useful when downloading the files to host verify an loss in file or broken.
# This script exports 5 commands: “local”, “remote”, “compare” and “configure”,
# plus “automatic”. This last executes the first 4 commands in sequence.
# Local and remote extract the PSA PsaDeviceSharingProfile in text form from,
# respectively, the local and a specified remote host which must have ssh
# enabled, etc. The compare command extracts a list of devices and sharing
# state from the two profiles and generates lists of shared and non-shared
# devices on the two hosts plus a set of esxcli commands to reset clusterwide
# sharing to match the observed sharing between the hosts. The configure
# command sets devices to be shared clusterwide or not shared clusterwide on
# the local host and user can edit the command file before running this command. shutdown the host gracefully.

sleep pause the session or work for stimulated time.

slpd Service Location Protocol Daemon

smartd daemon (a helper program) that monitors the health of physical hard disk drives

smbiosDump Alternative for dmicode

snmpd SNMP Daemon for monitoring your device.

sntp used to synchronize computer clocks on a network
Usage: sntp

sort sort is a standard command line program that prints the lines of its input or concatenation of all files listed in its argument list in sorted orde

ssh Helps in remoting the linux box.

stat Used for displaying status information of Linux files and file systems

Usage Example
[root@localhost:/bin] stat hostd
File: hostd
Size: 20838704 Blocks: 40704 IO Block: 131072 regular file
Device: 1h/1d Inode: 2890 Links: 1
Access: (0555/-r-xr-xr-x) Uid: ( 0/ root) Gid: ( 0/ root)
Access: 2018-07-14 13:18:56.000000000
Modify: 2018-04-03 21:46:24.000000000
Change: 2018-04-03 21:46:24.000000000

This tool does flow control at the host in order to maintain disk I/O latency close to a threshold and queue sizes converge at values proportional to the beta parameter.

strace Useful trace the execution of any executable.

stty print all current settings in human-readable form

sum utility outputs the checksum of each argument file, as well as the number of blocks they take on disk

summarize-dvfilter command display all IOChains and firewall filter on ESXi host.

sync System call,sync ensures that everything in memory is written to disk.

tail  display the tail end of a text file or piped data

taskset used to set or retrieve the CPU affinity of a running process given its PID or to launch a new COMMAND with a given CPU affinity

tcpdump-uw This tool helps in the capturing the TCPDUMP for the network card level to analyse the network level issues.
Reference: this will enter to login screen with out login inputs.If you have login in ssh and need to relogin again.

tee command reads the standard input and writes it to both the standard output and one or more files

time,timeout Program to maintaining the time and timeout.  removes stale temporary files

touch create a file.

tpm2emu Trusted Platform Modules helps in securely store artifacts used to authenticate the platform.

tracenet Helps in the probing the host in the same network.

traceroute helps to trace the destination route.

uname prints the name, version and other details about the current machine and the operating system running on it.

uniq  utility that reports or filters out the repeated lines in a file

unlzop decompress the implements the LZO algorithm and is licensed under the GPL

unzip Zipped files will be retrieve back.

updateProductLockerPolicy This tool mainly used to moduy the productlocker symlink which is available after the version ESXi 6.5 U1.
Reference Usage:

uptime Helps to view the host live age.

usleep Suspend execution for an interval.

uwstats to view Userworld Resource Statistics.
Reference discussion

vdf Helps in view the disk usage of the modules.

vdq(VSAN Disk Query) Helps to information of the vSAN disk

vi editor used to configuration changes.

vim-cmd utlity for admin for the performing task related to vm level.

vm-support helps in collecting the diagnostic logs for the support or for our troubleshooting.

vmdumper Use to send the NMI interrup to VM and make it panic to that VM.

vmfs-support this script has true or false condition and execute the VMFSTOOLS -D command based on the request.I belive this is been used for the internal purpose,it is not allowed to execute

vmfsfilelockinfo Utility helps to identify the VM file locked host.
vmfsfilelockinfo -p /vmfs/volumes/[Datastore Name]/New\ Virtual\ Machine/New\ Virtual\ Machine.vmx
vmfsfilelockinfo Version 2.0
Looking for lock owners on “New Virtual Machine.vmx”
“New Virtual Machine.vmx” is locked in Exclusive mode by host having mac address [’00:0c:29:0d:cb:a9′]
Trying to use information from VMFS Heartbeat
Host owning the lock on file is, lockMode : Exclusive
Total time taken : 4.4427438600000642 seconds.

vmkbacktrace helps to collect live process dump without affecting the services.
vmkbacktrace -w -n hostd -td /vmfs/volumes/[Datastore Name]/

vmkchdev (VMkernel Change Device)
this helps to identify Vendor ID (VID), Device ID (DID), Sub-Vendor ID (SVID), and Sub-Device ID (SDID) for compactability and firmware/driver of device.

vmkdevmgr helps to identify the alias created for the devices.

vmkdump_extract vmkdump_extract to extract dump including the logs within the core dump
Reference Usage:

vmkerrcode man page of all VMkernel errors with brief description

vmfstools create and manage the volumes and storage devices of host.

vmkipcrm helps to remove the semaphore and shm(shared memory)
Semaphore : synchronization object that controls access by multiple processes to a common resource
SHM : remove the application shared memory.

utlity to find out the usage of the semaphore and shared memory.

iscsi utility used for all iscsi connect and management purpose.This is deprecated utility

vmkiscsid iscsi utility helps in the configure and debugging the iscsi daemon

vmkload_mod helps to identify driver and firmware information of device this similar to other commands.

vmkmkdev Create a ‘loopback’ device that points to a big file in your filesystem

vmkperf utility to monitor the system performance events.

vmkping helps to check then vmkernel network connectivity.
Usage reference

vmkramdisk utility helps in mounting the tar file directly into the file system.
Usage reference:

vmkvsitools helps to retrieve the vsi cache details using this command.

vmtar helps to tar the vmtar files in destire location.

When you run the ESXi host you will see the vmtoolsd since vmtools installed in vm.

Utility to get the information about the esxi version.

produces thousands of lines of output and is not intended for interactive use.

vmware-vmx will update this section.

vmx-builtype utility helps to collect additional virtual machine statistics.

voma vSphere On-disk Metadata Analyzer (voma) helps to identify the vmfs metadata consistency

vprobe deep observation of events of hypervisor and virtual machines
white paper:

vscsiStats helps to analysis the vm scsi stats for the troubleshooting the performance related issues.

collecting data for each GET and LIST handler and writing it out to a file

Vsish  utility also known as the VMkernel Sys Info Shell and helpful in information gathering.

vvold utility used for the virtual volume.Will be creating a section under vvols.

watch this command will be helpful when monitoring the snapshot deletion.
Reference: script that manages the vmware services.

wc used to find out number of newline count, word count, byte and characters count in a files specified by the file arguments

wget helps to download the file from Internet

which searches the path of executable in system paths set in $PATH environment variable

who command let you which user logged in

xargs used to build and execute commands from standard input

xkbcomp compiler converts a description of an XKB keymap into one of several output formats


xz compress and decompress the xz file format

zcat Most useful tools to view the compress the logs without anychanges.

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