Recently I had a query from follow friend,Who recently faced the network card detection problem after upgrading the host to latest version of patch.he received the following error message in the DCUI page.

No Compatible adapter found.Please consult the product’s hardware compactibility guide(HCG) for a list of supported adapters.

He actually not sure what to do next.If situation is like that no worries.VMware has a alternate bootbank in the system.When you upgrade your system and if it didn’t turned up well,then you have option to rollback the changes if you don’t have R&D time.

1.Reverting to a previous version of ESXi

2.If you storage firmware or driver is problem,then you can use esxcli command to upgrade the system with right drivers.

or Alternate way

Use of update manager to upgrade the system,here comes the usage of local storage.Few environment has boot from SAN,when your HBA get mess up your host will never turn up.So We can go with local storage for booting alone.

3.If you Network firmware or driver is problem,Upload the drive to common shared LUN of the ESXi hosts from there execute the esxcli command and reboot the system to get it work.

Here are some link to find out that firmware and drivers are matched with release notes.

First Check with VMware portal for compatibility.

Gateway for vendor :





All recommend to get in touch TSE before you upgrade your production environment sometimes the recent driver may worsen your system.Always get in touch with TSE.

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