Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerability

Recently Vulnerability like Meltdown and Spectre are listed in CVE. So what is CVE? MITRE Corporation's documentation defines CVE Identifiers (also called "CVE names", "CVE numbers", "CVE-IDs", and "CVEs") as unique, common identifiers for publicly known information-security vulnerabilities in publicly released software packages. Historically, CVE identifiers had a status of "candidate" ("CAN-") and could then… Continue reading Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerability


Add vNIC to VM using powercli

Most of bloggers have blog this in their blogs.This is just re-create in my blog. If you want to add the vNIC to multiple vNIC in your vmware environment.You need to get the vm list in the input file  $vms=Get-Content C:\scripts\vmlist.txt If you need to add for bulk VM use for loop  foreach ($vm in… Continue reading Add vNIC to VM using powercli

VMware Replication fail to load in Webclient

Recently deployed a VMware Replication appliance 6.1.2 after register with vCenter plugin didn't load. Crash twice and deploy the both VC and VR,still not luck.Finally looked for KB First taught of degrade the vCenter which is known working for me U2.Incompact with vCenter upgrade to U3B. Replication appliance worked charm Three things need to take… Continue reading VMware Replication fail to load in Webclient

Chef crt error while starting the nginx service

i'm on track of learning the chef from I was setting up by chef server which run out in the nginx service start issue.I was digging for almost 6 hours to resolve the issue.But I was run out to several outcome. I was following the blog to install chef server in my workstation.… Continue reading Chef crt error while starting the nginx service

Certificate change in VMware view or Horizon

I've recently changed the certificate for the one of the customers VMware view,I went through the KB article list in the public.I've added the certificate in the Certificate mmc but the license haven't get change.For individual version you need to follow the steps mention below When you receive updated server SSL certificates or intermediate certificates,… Continue reading Certificate change in VMware view or Horizon

Features not available in VMware vSphere Client 6.0

The tasks that you can perform when you connect directly to a VMware ESXi host or vCenter Server system with the vSphere Client are limited and these features are not available: Networking: IPv6 (NFS 4.1 Storage operations, iSCSI UI, Guest OS customization, virtual data center (vDC), ESX platform support) Multi-Instance TCP/IP stack and upgrade SR-IOV,… Continue reading Features not available in VMware vSphere Client 6.0